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League of Friends of the Blind est. 1932/3


1 In 2000

The number of children affected by visual impairment in South Africa

* Figures from Department of Health

How we help children
5 Million

The number of people affected by visual impairment in South Africa

* Figures from Stats SA - over 5 years of age

How we help adults



Our rehabilitation and independence development programmes provide newly blinded adults and youth with the opportunity to gain and improve the skills required to function independently. This empowerment lays the foundation for any progress to be made in education, employment and other social spheres.



Education is integral to the development of our clients from a young age to late adulthood. Successful integration into special or mainstream schooling for our children requires proper foundations to be laid while some adults who seek employment face the challenge of completing Grade 12. The multi-disciplinary team along with dedicated volunteers who support our afterschool programme have ensured we can support learners in different settings throughout the year.



Gainful employment is a natural progression from our empowerment and educational programmes. The declining rates of employment of disabled people is not only a global trend but affects us locally. In order to combat this trend, we prepare our adults to be skilled and confident in their abilities. The programme consists of CV preparation, interviewing skills, reasonable accommodations, psychosocial aspects of employment, assistive technology education and training, and practical placements. The switchboard training, computer literacy and communication skills form the foundation of this programme.



The complex social and environmental challenges that our clients experience in resource deprived communities requires innovative approaches to facilitate successful integration and inclusion. The E-nnovate programmes is an important part of our research and development service drawing on design thinking and traditional forms of academic inquiry for effective strategy, product or system development.


LOFOB is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Heidi Volkwijn as Manager Services to Adults.

Heidi’s journey with LOFOB started at the age of 17 years after losing her sight while writing Grade 11 exams. After various efforts to correct the sight loss, and having received the news that nothing can be done, Heidi joined the LOFOB programme.

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Glow in the Dark Dinner

Did Main

Sep 16, 2016
Join us and be part of LOFOB’s unique take on the traditional dinner in the dark.

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